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Eco-neoprene women wetsuits & bikinis

Our range

Abysse wetsuits are exclusively made out of premium Japanese Yamamoto Ecoprene, limestone based neoprene instead made of petrol which it's considered one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable neoprene for wetsuits. Moreover, we are only using recycled lining made from post consumer plastic waste on all our suits, lowering our environmental impact.

Our wetsuits may feature different types of sewing techniques, including flatlock sewing or glue blind stitch sewing. Flatlock sewing involves overlapping the neoprene edges and sewing them together, creating a flat seam that is comfortable and flexible. Glue Blind stitch sewing, on the other hand, creates a watertight seam that is durable and flexible.


The Clark full-suit, with long sleeves and long legs, is providing full-body insulation and protection from cold water. The Clark comes in a 2/2mm version and also 3/3mm for colder water.

Long-Jane / Short-Jane

The long jane wetsuit provides coverage for upper body and legs, but leaves the shoulders and arms area exposed. Provide insulation and leave the arms and shoulders completely free, allowing for greater range of motion and flexibility. This is especially useful for activities like surfing and paddling, where upper body movement is key. Linda long legs with back zipper, Fraser short leg with back zipper.


The Lotte and Dottie models are women springsuit, also known as a shorty wetsuit, long sleeve springsuit or summer surfsuit. It's suitable for warmer water temperatures. Lotte with front zipper and Dottie with back zipper.


Rell, our timeless vest, made to brave the elements.

Named after Rell Sunn, the queen of Aloha and revered by many to be the most influential Woman in surfing's history.

Made out of 100% Japanese limestone based super stretchy neoprene in 1.5mm and lining recycled from post consumer plastic bottles, to tackle plastic ocean pollution.


Our timeless version of the long-sleeve neoprene top rash-guard.

Made out of 100% Yamamoto Japanese limestone based super stretchy neoprene in 1.5 mm and lining recycled from post consumer plastic bottles, to tackle plastic ocean pollution.


The Elle is a one-piece neoprene swimsuit, designed for swimming and surfing, made of neoprene with a small zipper at the front. It provides good insulation and comfort, while also allowing for flexibility and ease of movement.


The Jenna is a neoprene bikini top and bottom is designed for water-based activities and provides a balance of comfort, support, and style.