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From the ocean we rise.

An ode to where our story began. Where the mountains meet the sea, immersed in nature, surrounded by a coral barrier reef and the bluest of lagoon. Where the tides dictate the rhythm of the days and the stars guide us home. Where magic happens.

Of water, we are born.

Introducing our newest swimwear collection, consciously crafted out of recycled materials.
At Abysse, we have always vowed to create in order to preserve, because our journey is rooted in leaving no trace, and finding better solutions. Because above all nature will stand the test of time.

She was born of water. Existing both within and outside of Mother Earth. She came on the tide – breathe in; breathe out. Sounds loud, crashing against the shore. She arrived. Within and outside of. Of water and light. Of water and sun. She flowed, she danced, she raged, she held. Never the same; always as is. Change and flux she moves and grows. Expand. Contract. Advance. Retreat. She always returns. Home. The ocean will set her free.


What we thrive to do

The core Ethos of Abysse is to align fashion with function.
We aim to create a garment made out of the highest sustainable materials that will follow you along your journey, while causing less harm to our Planet.

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