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Introducing Sina Kirmse, a radiant beauty that calls the Mentawai home after following her partner Teiki, who opened the incredible Hollow Tree's Resortin front of one of the dreamiest waves in the world.

Sina wearing the Jenna Silver

Tell us about your connection with the ocean and your life at HT’s.

I have always felt a connection with any form of water, ever since I was a little girl. I was born in Germany, and my dad got me this little plunge pool and when the sun is out, you can always find me in this pool. I was known to be a little “Wassermaus” translated “water mouse” - what my dad use to call me. And when we moved to Thailand (Phuket), I was lucky enough to grow up close to the ocean only 5 mins away. When I reached 12 years old I suddenly had the interest for surfing, every weekend I would go to the beach with my best friend at the time and ever since I have been obsessed. 

My life at HT’s right now, I really cannot complain, so grateful for having palm trees and crystal clear blue ocean all around. This place has really become a dream destination for me. Never thought I would end up in a place like this - true paradise!


What is your favorite Abysse piece / Why do you love Abysse?
I don’t think I could say which one would be my favorite piece, they all have something special and are functional for different water activities. I was gifted with the Elle one-piece black neoprene swim suit and the Jenna top and bottom in silver for my birthday. But if I would have to choose which one is my favorite, I would go with the Billie Surf suit in Lilac color (purple is my favorite color), just love it because it’s cheeky and backless. These stylish swimsuits are not only trendy but also perfect for free diving, surfing or any kind of water activity.

I absolutely adore Abysse for their timeless designs. It’s chic, simple and yet incredibly stylish. From vibrant colors and trendy patterns to sleek and minimalistic options, Abysse offers a wide range of styles to suit every water-loving fashionista out there. And also for their sustainability practices. I strongly encourage everyone to support brands like Abysse that are doing their part to promote sustainability and take care of our planet. Remember, every purchase is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Choose wisely, choose consciously. 

 Sina wearing the Elle Black Smoothie

What characteristics do you think make up an Abysse girl? 

To me being adventurous and a nature lover - an Abysse girl craves adventure and embraces the unknown. She is not afraid to dive into new experiences, whether it’s exploring un-chartered waters, chasing waves, or embarking in thrilling or spontaneous journeys. She thrives on the excitement and freedom that comes with exploring the world.


Tell us about a typical day for you, how do you incorporate the ocean on a daily basis? 
I tend to be very weather oriented, I mostly enjoy surfing or snorkeling when the sun is out and with a friend. Life at HT’s has really taught me to take it slow, enjoy each day as they come. My morning routine - I generally wake up, brush my teeth, do a little workout, have a smoothie, a shower, then embark into my day by checking emails. See what the tides are doing, and decide whether I want to surf in the morning or after noon. I must say every time I feel stressed or just need a break from working, just going into the ocean to surf, even if I don’t catch any waves, I feel an instant relief and always happy to be in the water. Who needs therapy when you have the ocean…am I right? 

 Sina wearing the Jenna Silver

Is sustainability a big factor for you choosing a brand you want to work with or just style?
Yes, it is. It is so hard to find brands out there that are transparent with you. I certainly do try my best to do my research before working with any brand, I also love to support local brands that are not fast fashion. Any ocean related style is my kind of style, just so glad that Abysse offers both - sustainability practices and providing all the amazing styles.

What is a fun fact or story about the surf/ Ocean that you want to share.
Every since my partner (Teiki) and I moved to the Mentawai islands, I have been so impressed with all the waves here. I mean we live in front of one of the most amazing wave - HT’s. One of my craziest memory is when Teiki pushed me on one wave at HT’s, we didn’t think it was that big, but while I was on it, it just grew bigger and bigger, unfortunately I didn’t make the barrel but glad I had the vision, it all happened so fast, had the longest hold down ever, but I have such a clear memory when I managed to take that first breath I was full of excitement and wanted to do it again. 

 Sina wearing the Elle Black Smoothie

Where is your best place to surf and why?

I prefer surfing at The Point, this is my absolute favorite wave. This is just around the corner from HT’s, it is just a super long and mellow right hander. Not as fast as HT’s, I love this wave just because you can just take your time on reading the wave and actually see what you’re doing. Perfect for both short and long boarders.


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@sina.kirmse captured by @fede_guinovartt and @sandrakiirana in the Mentawais