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" I draw inspiration from my surroundings and see my lens as a natural extension of my self; a conduit for connection."


A woman of the ocean, kissed by the sun. Amanda Djerf is the ultimate Abysse woman. We caught up with her on the shores of Guethary for a surf in our favorite sustainable Abysse ecoprene pieces.

Nestled on the french coastline, Guethary is a  hidden jewel; an authentic Basque town, harboring the most beautiful waves. We caught up with the ever smiling Amanda, hailing from Sweden, that has found a home in this idyllic village, as she picked out her favorite Abysse Ecoprene pieces for the changing seasons.

The main purpose of every Abysse suit is its comfort and versatility. We aim to design surfsuits that are made to last and that can be worn with one one another.

Amanda wears our Linda Long Jane combined with our Rell Vest for the colder waters of France. The Rell can be styled in summer and winter, with a bikini or a thicker suit, making it a must have wetsuit in your quiver.

Our wetsuits are made from the Earth.

Abysse's wetsuit range is exclusively made out of premium Yamamoto Japanese Ecoprene, because it has the lowest carbon footprint in the modern wetsuit production.

Ecoprene is a limestone based neoprene, less harmful to the environment, as it comes from nature and has less environment impact than petroleum based neoprene.

Our eco-friendly neoprene has ultra low resistance, superior moldability and enhanced comfort, high heat retention, light- weight and high durability. On top of it all, Ecoprene has 10 times the longevity of petroleum based neoprene. 

We truly believe that durability is a must while considering a sustainable, technical product such as wetsuits and surfsuits.

Amanda wears a size XS.