Abysse is a brand with a Purpose: to give back to the ocean and its habitants.

The core of Abysse is determined by its love and respect to the environment and everything that surrounds us. As a brand specializing in high-end wetsuits made to dive, to surf or to explore the ocean in any way possible, the fight for the conservation and preservation of the ocean is very close to our hearts.

Changes and degradation of the rapid decline of the ocean affects and concerns all of us humans. Now is the time to protect our wild oceans, as well as restore their health and secure their future. Now is the time to act.

Sirens For The Sea Campaigns

Abysse is partnering with the 'Sirens For The Sea' charity, a rad team of scientists contributing their time and skills to the greater good, each specializing in every worldwide oceanic and environmental issue, in order to create awareness and to educate the population and raise funds to make our planet a better place.

Project Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is estimated to be 20 million years old and is located in the Coral Sea on Australia's east coast. It is the largest coral reef system to ever exist-composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 2,900 kilometers (1,400 miles) over an area of approximately 344, 4000 square kilometers. Australia boasts some of the World's best waves and swell content; The Great Barrier Reef is responsible for a wide distribution of the physical ocean environment, producing diverse breaks within the Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Over the past three years the Australian mining industry has made no secret of developing mega ports and export shipping highways in and around the Great Barrier Reef. The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has handed over environmental decisions to the state governments, making it a "one-stop" for mining giants and politicians to gain approval for projects that without a doubt will wreak irreversible damage on our World Heritage Reef. Amongst the environmental effects of climate change, ocean acidification and rising sea temperatures The Reef and it's population are heavily impacted by noise pollution, sediment, sewage and dredging plumes, toxic run-off, corrupt management and a back-pocketing and profitable government, unfortunately this is just the start of catastrophic destruction. These wreck-less and illogical decisions, in particularly the dumping millions of tones of toxic dredging waste, coal mining and port expansions have gained attention in all corners of the earth for all of the wrong reasons. Sirens For The Sea and Surfers For Cetaceans have approached this controversial issue with the help of the surfing and music industries who are pursuing to 'Protect The Reef'. We are currently producing a feature-length documentary directing it from the ocean, surfing and watermen connection, which will also include a bodying legal petition, leading scientists and extensive footage of our journey, the various impacts and action points giving the whole world insight to what is actually happening aside from the politics.

The Seven Seas

With the expanse of the oceans, the scientists have embraced their globe-trotting/ swell chasing antics to conquer their thirst for knowledge.

The Seven Seas project began in 2014; in September the Sirens have expanded their movement, reaching out for likeminded professionals to take part in various research.

The targeted goals are to address parts of the South Pacific: Tongan Humpback whale population, Vava'u Island Group’s coral reefs and researching the long-line fishing programs from Samoa-Fiji-to Tonga. Other area such as the Maldives and its plastic waste/marine debris will be addressed and sustainable education taught. In the Mentawais, the team aims to address and reseach reef bombing as well as reef regeneration.

Lastly, The Sirens aim to work on rebuilding sewage systems, water testing and community education in Bali, Indonesia.

Talkin' Trash

Plastic pollution is a HUGE. The aim of this campaign is to implement, recycle and introduce sustainable living via consumerism tutorials within local communities with hopes of the possibilities of reaching an international audience.