I am Hanalei. I am from Tahiti, an island lost in the Pacific Ocean. I learned how to swim before I could walk, and that is when I discovered the beauty of nature and all the treasures in the ocean. I was born and raised in paradise, and my love for the ocean became unconditional.

Surfing came as a natural thing in my life, like a blessing from the universe. The best part of surfing is being in the line-up, surrounded by the infinity of waves and people I love. No words can describe this feeling. The rush of adrenaline, the mesmerizing powerfulness of the water, the duck dives under the waves, the smiles on all the faces. The ocean will always be my favorite place, where I resource myself. Where my happiness is, or where I drown my sorrows. No matter what, the ocean always puts you back into your rightful place. It can lift your spirits up, or teach you how to be humble. The ocean is the best cure.

I have been lucky to travel the globe for surfing and modeling, it really opened up my mind and vision of the world and helped shaped who I am today. I have been able to surf in four different oceans, and countless perfect waves. Every new friend, every new culture and every new country pieced me together.

Traveling the world taught me a lot about myself, and I discovered that adventure is the best way to learn. Along the way people taught me that you can make your wildest dream tomorrow’s reality.

I am so proud to Introduce Abysse, a collection of wetsuits and bikinis made for women who are tomboys at heart and believe the ocean is a magic place.

We are constantly inspired by the idea of bringing function and fashion into one being. The goal is to accommodate the demand for a sport garment that will be able remain durable during active lifestyles, yet still be fashionable.
Utilising the highest quality materials, Abysse aims to provide a premium experience throughout your journey, with simple yet innovative products.

For this new summer collection, 'Island Child', we decided to expand our range into the Active Wear realm as we believe that Abysse's DNA goes beyond the Ocean.
Using our same ideas and core values, we created an Active Wear Capsule that embodies our dream girl's needs.
All of our active products are made for both the Ocean and Land. In fact, they can be used running, climbing, stretching, but also swimming, sailing, surfing, as our garments are made for water. The materials we use are UV- protective, fast-drying, as well as insuring a higher shape retention over time, in addition to a correct muscular compression and an excellent power.

Our environment is very dear to us, and we are very proud to be exclusively using fabrics that will do no harm to our Planet:

Our collection of wetsuits and neoprene bikinis is 100% Japanese limestone neoprene, made out of eco-friendly rubber that is warmer, lighter and ultra durable.
Our collection of Active Wear is 100% made out of Italian Recycled Fabric, via the process of collecting fishing nets on the italian coast line and re-giving them life into fabric.