Elle Black Neoprene Bikini One-piece


Make a statement.

Made  out of 100% Japanese limestone based neoprene in 2mm.


Elle Black Neoprene Bikini One-piece 

  • Front YKK zipper with straight sewing for style and comfort
  • Racer back for more support
  • Flatlock seams
  • Zig Zag Stitch to ensure durability
  • Edges doubled with smooth skin neoprene to ensure comfortability
  • Abysse Logo printed on the left side of the neoprene bikini

Elle Black Neoprene Bikini One-piece is made from premium YAMAMOTO Japanese Limestone Based Neoprene, which is the best eco-friendly option of the 21st Century as traditional neoprene is petroleum based.

Limestone based neoprene has superior qualities than normal neoprene, on top of being non polluting to the environment. Our neoprene has ultra low resistance, superior mold ability and enhanced comfort, high heat retention, lightweight and high durability.

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